Since its founding, SAUDI ALBAB ALALI Company has built numerous iconic projects across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Quality, timely completion and commitment have helped SAUDI ALBAB ALALI strengthen its position in the league of large infrastructure companies. It is through our rigid yet dynamic system we were able to establish a set of processes & procedures that assure the quality through all our operations making each process map focus on not only the standard operating procedures to each task but the stream of values as well through them, SAUDI ALBAB ALALI was always recognized in the market through its innovative solution that conveys the latest technologies and instruments and its team of subject matter experts that consists from different nationalities always willing to provide our client with the consultancy and services needed, we believe that time is always our ultimate frame of reference in each job so we follow the project management methodologies in integrating and developing our clients projects that assist in optimizing our customers resources allowing them achieving their targets with the most adequate resources, ALBAB ALALI has always been a hub to talents from all over the region to join and be part of one of most potential company in the field of general contracting in all regions of the kingdom and the GCC region, through our vision and determination we will able to generate a sustainable relation with our clients and community manifesting our values and visions to a real-time story making our company in the forefront setting new benchmarks and raising the standards to a premium new level.

Jamal Kanjo Kalash